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The Speedlifter twist is a handlebar-height-adjustment system with a special twist function for stem and handlebars (A-Head fork tube required). Based on the proven and tested height-adjustment system of the Speedlifter Classic, with its quick-release operation, twist-slip protection, and stem shaft extraction safety stop, the twist provides the additional option of rotating the stem and handlebars 90 degrees to the left or right.

Absolutely no tools are necessary, and the adjustment is made with the utmost simplicity, safety, and speed. By lifting a safety-bolt - which, in the riding position, is of course solidly engaged - the two-part CNC-manufactured construction unit made from hight-strength black-anodized aluminum can be rotated horizontally in seconds. When the stem and handlebars reach the 90-degree storage position, the safety-bolt automatically clicks into place. In this way, the width of the bicycle is greatly reduced, and it takes up lass space in storage and during transport. Installing the Speedlifter twist is possible on bicycles with 1 1/8" A-Head fork tubes.

  • Minimum distance between top end of 1 1/8" fork tube (inner diameter 24.4mm, 24.6mm und 25.4mm) and headset: 46mm.
  • Slit fork tube as described in Speedlifter assembly instructions.

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