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Frequently asked Questions, general…

Where is the Speedlifter®-System available and what does it cost ?

The Speedlifter®-Systems are available in german bike shops or online. Recommended retail price for the Speedlifter Classic is 59.95 Euro.
Recommended retail price for the Speedlifter Twist is 99.95 Euro.
Speedlifter Classic Users can easily upgrade to the Twist version for 69.95 Euro.

What does Speedlifter® weigh?

The complete Speedlifter® Classic System weighs approximately 298 grams, the Speedlifter Twist System weighs approx. 365 grams.

Who distributes Speedlifter® in Germany ?

by.schulz GmbH
Telefon: +49-(0)681 - 93 81 53 80
Fax: +49-(0)2630 - 93 81 53 81
E-Mail: info@byschulz.de

Telefon: +41-(0)34-448-60-60
Fax: +41-(0)34-448-60-61
E-Mail: info@biketec.ch

Holland: Kruitbosch

Who is responsible for Speedlifter®'s international sales and for the OEM ?

Manufacturers and international enquiries should contact :
Sulzbachstrasse 49
D-66111 Saarbrücken Telefon: +49-(0)681-93 81 53 80
Fax: +49-(0)681-93 81 53 81
E-Mail: info@byschulz.de

Which manufacturers use the Speedlifter®-System?

Nishiki, Steppenwolf, Utopia, Epple, Maxx-Bikes, Santos, Hartje, Flyer E-Bikes, Velotraum

Which stems may be used ?

1 inch A-Head™ stems can be used, as well as 1 1/8 inch with bushing. However, only stems with a clamping device are approved (gap on the rear with 2 binder bolts e.g. RitcheyPro).

Is Speedlifter® robust and what material is used in its construction ?

The Speedlifter®-System is constructed of strongest, forged aluminium. Speedlifter® is suitable for every application (exception : downhill competitions, stunts, acrobatics) and has been tested by Ernst Brust at the Velo Tech Institute and fulfills the high criteria of the DIN Plus (German Industry Standard).

Which tools are required to adjust Speedlifter® ?

No tools whatsoever are required for height adjustment with Speedlifter®. Adjustment is by hand, by means of a foolproof quick release unit, which takes only a matter of seconds.

Are there any detailed assembly or operating instructions ?

Yes, both are available and included with the purchase of a Speedlifter®-System. The assembly- and operating instructions can also be found online: german version or english version.

and technical... (german version here)

Which tools are required to assemble Speedlifter ?

For a professional assembly and adjustment of the Speedlifter®-System, the following tools are required : a 5 mm Allen wrench to assemble the quick release unit, a 4 mm Allen wrench to fix the adjustment ring, a 36 mm spanner to position the adjustment ring of the A-Head™ headset bearing, and the special Speedlifter® ProfiCut tool, which is needed to cut a slot in the steerer.

Does Speedlifter® also fit 1 inch or threaded forks ?

No, the Speedlifter®-System is exclusively applicable to a 1 1/8 inch A-Head™-System (threadless fork) with metal steerer and an inner diameter of 25.4mm, 24.4mm, 24.6mm.

Can Speedlifter® be used for upgrading ?

Yes, Speedlifter® can upgrade the 1 1/8 inch A-Head™-System. It is strongly recommended to consult a specialist dealer for assembly purposes (since this requires extreme care and technical know-how).

How many centimetres must the fork protrude over the headset ?

The headtube needs to protrude at least 46 mm over the headset. This length is sufficient for assembly. Longer tubes must be cut to size respectively. For the purpose of shortening and cutting a slot, special Speedlifter® tools are recommended. These are available at specialist retailers. Speedlifter®'s 24-month guarantee is conditional on fitting being carried out in a recommended workshop.

Is it absolutely necessary to cut a slot in the fork ?

Yes, a slot must be cut in the top of the headtube in a backwards-facing direction. The guarantee is only valid if the special Speedlifter® tool is used for this purpose. (recommended workshops are equipped with this). A detailed computeranimation as well as assembly- and operating instructions may be found on our website.

Is it necessary to dismantle the fork to assemble
Speedlifter® ?

No, it is not necessary to dismantle the fork for assembly. Shortening the headtube or cutting a slot in the headtube can be carried out in a fully assembled state. Assembly time for Speedlifter® averages approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

What about the gear and brake cables ?

If necessary, the cable length must be adjusted depending on the height of the stem.

Is Speedlifter® easy to service ?

Yes. Once the system has been correctly set up, there is no more need for any tools to enable a quick change of handlebar height. The headset is permanently fixed.

From which material is Speedlifter® constructed ?

Speedlifter® is constructed of strongest forged aluminum. The moulded stem shaft tube is constructed of stainless steel.

What happens to the A-Head™ clamp in the fork tube of an assembled fork ? (details see assembly- and operating instructions)

The clamp can be removed by pushing it out through the steerer tube using a cylindrical bar.


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